October 01, 2012

Nervous Cloud: Nervous Cloud

Chicago indie rock duo Nervous Cloud are veterans in the Windy City music scene. Travis Lee Wiggins (vocals, guitar) & Sarah Sterling (drums, vocals) have played in various bands before joining forces in 2010. Their self-titled album has the rough-around-the-edges quirkiness of bands like The Replacements and Pavement, with a nod to Jonathan Richman and the Pixies.

Influences include the Sixties surf sound in Summer Of Love, melodic garage rock with a Western twist (How to Get Murdered in a Made for TV Movie), and the layered vocals approach of Phil Spector in the The Bigger Picture.

Nervous Cloud: Nervous Cloud

Nervous Cloud is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. They offer 51 free fun size" samples for use as ringtones, text messages and such.

  1. Forgetful
  2. Monarch
  3. Summer of Love
  4. Blue Sky
  5. Do
  6. How to Get Murdered in a Made for TV Movie
  7. The Bigger Picture
  8. Face
  9. Shades of Grey
  10. Run Away
  11. Quit

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