October 02, 2012

Johnny5thWheel&thecowards: Music to Shake’n’Shuffle To

UK vaudeville band Johnny5thWheel&thecowards are releasing their second full-length Music to Shake’n’Shuffle To later this month. The band is a roundabout with members hopping on and off, orbiting around songwriter Richard Lomax. He is an old-fashioned songsmith, telling stories and wrapping them in strings, brass and acoustic guitar - and even a musical saw in Blame In Campodia.

This a band where form follows function. Songs are like dressed mannequins and send out on the catwalk to wow the punters. This musical sideshow has something for everyone - with nods to Noel Coward, Pulp and The Kinks. Happy Clappy/Doom Jazz is R.E.M. meets twenties Cabaret - the latter genre also highlighted during In My Laboratory, and harmonized Doo-wop gets and outing in Spike.

Johnny5thWheel&thecowards: Music to Shake’n’Shuffle To

Music to Shake’n’Shuffle To is released on Sotones Release date: October 22nd. Part of the album can be streamed from bandcamp.com.

  1. In My Laboratory
  2. Yes, That's Right, We're Stealing Your Soul
  3. Happy Clappy Doom Jazz
  4. Spike
  5. Conversations With You When You're Not There
  6. Where Did I Sleep Last Night
  7. My Finest Hour
  8. Nancy
  9. Blame In Campodia
  10. Daemon
  11. I'm Not West
  12. Following The Wheel [Part IV]
Live dates:
  • 10/18 Mad Ferret Preston, UK
  • 10/20 Bent Brief Southampton, UK
  • 11/24 The Oakwood, Glossop, UK

» followthewheel.co.uk

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