October 04, 2012

Jana Fisher: Ideals & Deals

Minister's daughter moves to the Big Apple, filled with dreams and ambitions and ends up waiting on tables. Jana Fisher. Thankfully she has a sense of humour and she came up with the song 30k to "prove her lover wrong". It's the stand-out track of her new EP Ideals & Deals,. Fischer's voice sounds like Amy Correia and Tori Amos, especially during the piano rocker You Deserve Better, a warning for her lover that the pretty girl he is so fond of is packing a knife. The EP's closer is a bit of a let-down - a run-of-the-mill ballad lacking the fun and the mischievousness of the other two tracks.

Jana Fisher: Ideals & Deals

Jana Fisher: vocals, piano, keyboards
Elliott Klein: guitar, bass
Shawn Crowder: percussion
Alexandra Jones: cello

Ideals & Deals is a self-released EP. Download it (digital is free) from her website.

  1. 30kK
  2. You Deserve Better
  3. If I Ever Break Your Heart
Live dates:
  • 10/11 Gizzi's (w/ Derek Bishop & Jennifer Vazquez , New York, NY
    (EP release. Everyone gets a free homemade CD of Ideals & Deals)
  • 11/10 Kave, Brooklyn, NY
  • 11/16 Sidewalk Cafe, New York, NY

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