October 15, 2012

Brasstronaut: Mean Sun

Vancouver sextet Brasstronaut have found their sound: orchestral jazzy pop rock. Their new album Mean Sun was in the shops in Canada in May and the belated European releases happens later this month. Named after the astronomer's definition of solar time, the contents of the lyrics are rather geeky - there are not that many bands writing a Hymn For Huxley. They also rave about a Fossil and a hydroelectric power plant in Revelstoke Dam.

The main interaction happens between trumpet and flugelhorn player Bryan Davies and vocalist/keyboard player Edo Van Breemen. Percussionist Brennan Saul has a soft spot for a dry drum sound. The overall feel of the album is rather subdued, so the smarty-pants lyrics might get unnoticed at first. Mean Sun takes plenty time to grow on the listener. Persist and it opens up as one of the better cinematic albums of 2012.

Bryan Davies: trumpet, flugelhorn, glock
Edo Van Breemen: vocals, keyboards
John Walsh: bass, guitar
Brennan Saul: percussion
Tariq Hussain: lap steel, guitar
Sam Davidson: EWI, clarinet

Brasstronaut: Mean Sun

Mean Sun is released on Tin Agngel Records and Sonic Rendezvous. European release date: October 21.

  1. Bounce
  2. Francisco
  3. Mean Sun
  4. Fossil
  5. The Grove
  6. Moonwalker
  7. Revelstoke Dam
  8. Hymn For Huxley
  9. Falklands
  10. Mixtape

Live dates:
  • 03/11 Cavern, Exeter, UK
  • 04/11 Buffalo Bar, Cardiff, UK
  • 05/11 The Castle, Manchester, UK
  • 06/11 Taylor John’s House, Coventry, UK
  • 07/11 Surya, London, UK

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