August 22, 2012

Wild Wax Combo: Space Invaders

Garage rockabilly from Copenhagen, Denmark. The Wild Wax Combo were founded in 1996 and have released six albums celebrating the roots of rock 'n' roll.

Keeping it short and sweet their new single Space Invaders with the double treat Josephine and How About Me, Pretty Baby? the trio needs only six minutes to proof their point. They conjure up images of seeing a B-movie shown at the drive-in during the title track, use a sexy sax to sign the praise of Josephine and apply wall-to-wall echo to the vocals of How About Me, Pretty Baby?. HelL yeah, this sounds dated, but it is a labour of love that will make you consider buying a jukebox.

Wild Wax Combo:
Andre Preuthun: guitar
Mikael Findanis: drums
Rene Karlsson: bass

Space Invaders is released on 7" vinyl by Swedish specialty label HepTown Records.

Side A
  1. Space Invaders
Side B
  1. Josephine
  2. How About Me, Pretty Baby?

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