August 12, 2012

Train Company: The Remains Of An Effort

After two years of hard work, Chicago quintet Train Company have finished their The Remains Of An Effort album. There is a bit of Elvis Costello inspired rock (City Down By The Shoreline, Still Can Feel The Heat), electric blues (Myself In Two), joyful NOLA funky jazz rock vibe (Steve) and the echo of the Beatles' Abbey Road shines through quite a lot. Think Eric Margan & The Red Lions with funk as an added bonus.

These guys are all about the melody and smart arrangements, carefully applying textures with string and woodwinds and sexy "woo-hoo" backing vocalists . They can even come up with a big-band showstopper like Face In The Crowd. The freebie City Down By The Shoreline is the kind of song that will Bruce Springsteen sit up and take notice. The Remains Of An Effort is bursting at the seams with smart hooks and so catchy that it will be stuck in your CD player for hours on end.

Train Company:
John Zozzaro: guitar, vocals
Mark Alletag: saxophone, guitar, flute, clarinet
Rob Lejman: drums
Mike DeWitte: bass, vocals
Samuel Wyatt: Keyboards

Train Company: The Remains Of An Effort

The Remains Of An Effort is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. October
  2. City Down By The Shoreline
  3. Leavin'
  4. Look At You
  5. Still Can Feel The Heat
  6. The Otherside
  7. Real Digital
  8. Banister
  9. Myself In Two
  10. Steve
  11. Face In The Crowd
  12. The Remains Of An Effort

Live dates:
  • 08/14 Audiotree Live - Chicago, IL (Live studio performance)
  • 08/17 Arcada Theater - St. Charles, IL (Album Release Party)
  • 08/18 Oddfest (Raise funds for the Make a Wish and Juvenile Diabetes Foundations) - Sycamore, IL


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