August 12, 2012

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra: free "The Killing Type" MP3

Amanda Palmer The Killing Type from her forthcoming album Theatre Is Evil with The Grand Theft Orchestra on NPR. She wrote the song in Amsterdam:

All the songs on the album were written over the past four or five years, and "The Killing Type" is the most recent one. Its origins are unique — I wrote it entirely in my head on a walk, as opposed to sitting at the piano. I'd been out to dinner with my sister in Amsterdam and couldn't find a cab back to my hotel, which was about 15 blocks away. I decided to just walk and my phone was dead (otherwise I probably would have made a call). And with a long walk and no phone to distract, the song descended and I wrote the whole thing in about 20 minutes. When I got home I banged out the chords on the ukulele I had with me and finished up the final verse. It's a good argument for ukuleles. And a good argument against phones. But what to do? This is the future.


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