August 28, 2012

museum: traces of

Berlin indie rock quartet museum took their time building a following on the internet. Their previous two EPs became quite popular on and with the release of their first full-length traces of they are trying to attain some notoriety outside of Germany. They go for a big yet clean sound mostly, especially on the vocals, taking cues from Suede, Blur and Robbie Williams. For a band with two guitars they are missing out on the opportunity to take more risks.

A change of pace within song can be most welcome and they deliver during Flowers And Dust. Inserting quirky sounds (The Law) can save them from becoming another well meaning powerpop band. Naming yourself museum doesn't mean you have to be frozen in time musically.

Tobias Hermes: voice, computers, guitars, piano
Söhnke Grothusen: guitars, vocals
Hagen Hamm: bass
Florian Bolzau: drums

museum: traces of

traces of is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. A Feast Is A Feast
  2. For The Very First Time
  3. With Love
  4. To Have Or To Be
  5. The Law
  6. And Now
  7. Eden
  8. Calm
  9. Flowers And Dust
  10. Midwinter
  11. Uncorrupted

Video: museum - for the very first time


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