June 25, 2012

Town Hall: Plays the Classics, Vol. 1

After putting out videos over the last couple of months, Brooklyn folk trio Town Hall have assembled the tracks of their covers project on the free EP Town Hall Plays the Classics, Vol. 1. They have a broad taste, so don't be surprised to find a song by rappers Ja Rule and Ashanti sitting next to folk legend Frank Marvin. Album artwork by Elizabeth Cohen-Scheer.

Town Hall Plays the Classics, Vol. 1 is a self-released EP. Download it for free from the band's website.

  1. Always On Time (Ja Rule + Ashanti)
  2. Old Man Duff (Frankie Marvin)
  3. Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby (Traditional)
  4. Text Me (R. Kelly)
  5. The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)

Live dates:
  • 07/12 Ace Hotel, New York, NY
  • 07/13 Bushwick Walkabout Festival, Brooklyn, NY

» townhallband.com

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