June 05, 2012

Mighty High: Legalize Tre Bags

How many references can you make to weed? Dozens of them, if your band is called Mighty High. The Brooklyn quartet take their musical cues from the loud bands of yesteryear - Grand Funk Railroad, Black Flag, MC5, The Stooges, Thin Lizzy - their new album Legalize Tre Bags switches between fun and anger within the blink of an eye. This is fists up in the air and letting your hair down good time music. They make their way through 11 short songs in a little over 33 minutes, with only two them breaking the four minutes mark.

For a band that celebrates weed so much, it's far too easy to pigeon-hole them as stoner-rock. They have obviously a lot to Bay area punk, coming up with high energy songs like Speedcreep and the self-explanatory i I Don't Wanna Listen To Yes, and Drug War (with a snippet of Ronald Reagan declaring that "Nancy and I are hooked on heroin". Recorded and mixed with noted engineer Jason LaFarge (Swans) and mastered by fellow regressive rocker Tony Reed, Mighty High live up to their mantra: "No ballads. No keyboards. No acoustic guitars".

And the album title? There used to be tiny bags of stuff with a three dollar price tag in the Bronx. Wouldn't it be cool to legalize them?

Mighty High:
Jesse D’Stills: drums
Kevin Overdose: lead guitar
LaBatts Santoro: bass, vocals
Woody: guitar, vocals

Mighty High: Legalize Tre Bags

Legalize Tre Bags is released on Ripple Music in conjunction with the band's own label Mint Deluxe Tapes. Release dates: June 12th (US), June 11th (UK).

  1. I Don’t Wanna Listen To Yes
  2. Mooche
  3. The Ram
  4. Speedcreep
  5. Tokin’ N Strokin’
  6. Cheep Beer, Dirt Weeed
  7. Drug War
  8. Come On! I’m Holdin’
  9. Loaded Loaded
  10. Chemical Warpigs
  11. High On The Cross

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