June 14, 2012

Don DiLego: Western & Atlantic EP

Sad country pop and a well executed Replacements cover - Here Comes a Regular - laid down live with only a few overdubs. NYC Singer-songwriter Don DiLego recorded his new his new EP Western & Atlantic in Charlottesville, VA and Portland, OR.

DiLego has a loose approach to his songs, allowing his fellow musicians to add textures and snippets. From the EP's opener, the slide guitar driven Midnight Train to the final track, the intimate Carry On he touches base with Jeff Tweedy and Howe Gelb. Television Sun starts like an outtake of Neil Young's Harvest Moon before evolving into a road movie theme song that could have been written by Steve Earle.

Don DiLego: Western & Atlantic EP

The Western & Atlantic EP is released on Velvet Elk Records. Release date: July 3rd.

  1. Midnight Train
  2. Chicago
  3. Television Sun
  4. Here Comes a Regular
  5. The Holiday
  6. Lonely Couples
  7. Carry On

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