May 21, 2012

Night Surgeon: Night Surgeon

Night Surgeon, a duo from Portland, OR composed of Patrick Replogle and John Boyd are into melodic synth pop with a twist. Their new self-titled EP, produced and mixed by Gabriel Espinosa (Blondie, Fischerspooner, Mobile), is built around early Eighties New Wave pop interacting with a pulsating back beat. Both Berklee graduates, they have found a middle ground between complexity and accessibility. Progressive pop that could cross over to the mainstream. Touches of Depeche Mode (Let Love In, Changes) and The Pet Shop Boys (Magnets).

Night Surgeon: Night Surgeon

Night Surgeon is released via Too Dark Records. Buy it from the band's website. Release date: June 26.

  1. Let Love In
  2. Magnets
  3. Miles Away
  4. You and Me
  5. Changes
  6. Talk To Me

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