May 18, 2012

Manorlady: Ego Oppressor

Marnorlady, a psychedelic shoegaze band form Charlottesville, VA, are releasing their new album Ego Oppressor and a limited one-sided 7" Boyhood Freedom in June. Dark and foreboding their songs will be embraced by fans of The Cure and Dead Leaf Echo at their gloomiest.

Dense layered guitars, slow drums and slightly sinister vocals, Manorlady goes for the gothic post-rock niche. Melissa and Aaron Bailey's vocals flow together as only family voices can do.

Aaron Bailey: guitar, vocals, programming
Melissa Bailey: bass, vocals
Donald Wooley: keyboards

Manorlady: Ego Oppressor

Ego Oppressor is released their own label Part Keeler. Comes with a DVD with a beat-synched album-length video track meant to one-up the Arkaos-driven projections of many Manorlady live shows. The Boyhood Freedom 7"(25 copies) is made by Cellar Hits. Release date: June 18th.

  1. Dog on High
  2. Lines in the Corner of Your Face
  3. Monster
  4. Sea Beast
  5. Children with Two Hearts
  6. Give Me Failure, Freedom
  7. Gobbler
  8. Ego Oppression

Live dates:
  • 05/25 Cellar Door, Richmond, VA
  • 06/16 Black Market Moto Saloon (CD release party), Charlottesville, VA

Video: Lines in the Corner of Your Face


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