May 11, 2012

Bombay Show Pig: Vulture/Provider

Dutch rock band Bombay Show Pig started out as trio, but ended up as a duo after their singer and keyboard player walked out. His leaving turned into a blessing in disguise for Mathias Janmaat (vocals, guitar, samples) and Linda van Leeuwen (vocals, drums, samples, keys) who had to reinvent themselves while recording their Vulture/Provider album at Kytopia in Utrecht, an analog safe haven for musicians that is constantly buzzing with activity. If they needed help or wanted to use an instrument, all they had to do was ask.

Van Leeuwen's voice is a bit more poppy than Janmaat's, but their vocals can blend together quite nicely. Vulture/Provider has a 4AD feel: experimental and catchy rolled into one. High energy songs (Sharp Like), percussion driven odd ball tunes (On A Plane) or slightly psychedelic (Fingerprint), it's all there and more. This pig can't fly , but it can sure as hell play.

Bombay Show Pig: Vulture/Provider

Vulture/Provider is released on Kytopia Records.

  1. Sancho Panza
  2. Shackles And Chains
  3. On A Plane
  4. Heart In A Headlock
  5. Start / Rewind
  6. Fingerprint
  7. Stuck In My State Of Mind
  8. Timewaster
  9. Sharp Like
  10. Ill Intention
  11. Wires
  12. Making Friends

Live dates:
  • 05/13 Instores @ Utrecht (12:30)
    Sounds Haarlem (15:00)
    Plato Leiden (16:30))
    Vinyl Grove Den Haag (20:30)
  • 05/14 Paradiso, Amsterdam
  • 05/17 Dauwpop, Hellendoorn
  • 05/18 Popcentrale, Dordrecht
  • 05/27 Gaellus Open Air, Tienray
  • 06/01 TU Delft Zomerfestival
  • 06/02 Festival Havenwerk, Deventer
  • 06/03 Pagepop, Stadskanaal
  • 06/23 Aether Sound Trash, Rotterdam
  • 06/30 De Beschaving, Utrecht
  • 07/01 Metropolis Festival, Rotterdam
  • 07/14 Dijkpop, Andijk
  • 07/21 Young Art Festival, Beverwijk


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