April 23, 2012

Town Hall: Roots & Bells

NYC folk trio Town Hall go for a fuller sound on their full-length Roots & Bells. Adding guest players for drums, bass, flute, woodwinds and strings doesn't get in the way of the band's core quality: crystal clear vocals and harmonizing. Dipping their toes into indie pop al a Bell and Sebastian (The Strongest of Hands and Underwater) opens the door to a broader audience than just the hardcore folkies.

Roots & Bells is a collection of soft, gentle songs. Play it while riding a bike on a glorious Spring day. Decent headphones are a must to enjoy the finer nuances. Or drag your speakers to the open window to let the neighbours know you've picked up another band they near heard of.

Town Hall:
Stefan Weiner: vocals, mandolin, piano
Phoebe Ryan: vocals, omnichord, guitar
Jesse Kranzler: guitar, banjo, Vibraharp, Glockenspiel

Town Hall: Roots & Bells

Roots & Bells is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Four of the tracks were released previously on their Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps EP.

  1. Mary A Longden
  2. Swim Team
  3. Fix This House
  4. Good Boy
  5. Small
  6. Rockefeller
  7. Alright
  8. Charlie
  9. Underwater
  10. The Strongest of Hands
  11. Just Watching My Breath
  12. Food
  13. Dahill Road

» townhallband.com

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