February 09, 2012

Terry Radigan: The Breakdown of a Breakup

NYC singer Terry Radigan broke up with the guy after a 20-uear relationship. Her new labum The Breakdown of a Breakup serves a therapy set to music: eleven songs about grief, loss and anger. Recorded at the Catherine the Great studio Radigan switches between soft-spoken jazzy tunes (Beautiful Lie, brass-driven music hall ( Mistake), country (I Dont'Feel Like That) and even a NOLA vibe (Voodoo).

With her lightly husky voices, sounding as mix between Karin Bergquist (Over The Rhine) and Bonnie Raitt, she analyses what went wrong, being pretty pissed that her guy slept with another woman. The wounds are still healing, but Radigan is ready to move forward, proudly proclaiming that she is Not Giving Up On Love. She picked Valentine's Day as the release date for her album, a nice touch to tell the world she is back in business.

Terry Radigan: The Breakdown of a Breakup

The Breakdown of a Breakup is released on Catherine the Great Records. Buy it from her website. Release date: February 14th.

  1. Love Would'n't Lie To Me
  2. Emily
  3. Beautiful Lie
  4. Mistake
  5. Voodoo
  6. I Dont'Feel Like That
  7. Siamese Twin
  8. Every Now & Then
  9. The Truth
  10. Under My Wheels
  11. Not Giving Up On Love

Live date:

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