February 13, 2012

SÙR: Brainshift

photo: Giulio Placano

Altenative rock trio SÙR hail from Nizza Monferrato, a community located 60 km southeast of Turin, Italy. Early nineties grunge is a major influence on their sound and their Brainshift EP deals with the darker sides of life.

The trio tries hard to emulate their heroes (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam). Recorded on a shoestring budget it is not quite loud enough, lacking depth and power. Drummer Giulio Serra has the chops for the big stage, but singer Dimitrij Bonzo should work on his vocal range if he is serious about reaching the next level.

Dimitrij Bonzo: guitar, vocals
Andrea Moio: bass
Giulio Serra: drums

SÙR: Brainshift

Brainshift is released on TDMC Records.

  1. Tales (From The End Of Time)
  2. Watersong
  3. Obsolescence
  4. Like Witches
Live dates:
  • 02/25 Woodstock Live, Grandate
  • 03/25 Palco 19, Asti
  • 03/31 Underking, Alba

Video: SÙR - Watersong

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