February 19, 2012

Rebecca Gresty: Mad at the Seems

Irish singer Rebecca Gresty goes for a warm soulful pop sound on her debut album Mad at the Seems. She can rock when she wants too (One Famous Night) and take on more vocally challenging songs like Rockin' Horse, a bluesy power ballad tailor made for late night club dates.

Backed by a sextet - the basic rock three-piece set-up and a sax, trumpet and trombone player, Gresty delivers the goods like a captain leading the troops in full swing down the highway and feeling their way through the bushes of unfamiliar terrain. All songs were written with guitar and bass player Eoin O'Connor. Mad at the Seems is a Rolodex of their capabilities. Trouble is they that didn't kill their darlings, but insisted on including all good ideas they came up with. Gresty is a singer with a future, now standing at the crossroads pointing to different genres clamoring for her attention. It would be smart move to dedicate a string of albums to each one of them.

Rebecca Gresty: vocals
Eoin O'Connor: bass. guitars:
Oisin Trench: drums
Chris O'Sullivan: keyboards
Alex Mathias: tenor and alto sax
Bill Blackmore: trumpet
Colm O'Hara: trombone

Rebecca Gresty: Mad at the Seems

Mad at the Seems is released on Breaking Tunes. Release date: Febuary 29th

  1. Mad At The Seems
  2. Leave Me Be
  3. Toast
  4. Rockin' Horse
  5. One Famous Night
  6. A Page Of My Life
  7. Alice
  8. Nothing
  9. It Don't Shine (The Last Stare)
  10. Why You Gotta Wait?

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