February 02, 2012

Proof I Exist: Suburban Sci-Fi

Proof I Exist is the stage name of singer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Kulis. His full-length Suburban Sci-Fi was put together piece-by-piece over the years. Starting out in 2033 he gradually applied new layers and instruments to his songs resulting in a surprisingly cohesive sound. He sounds like a full band, switching from pop to reggae to funk.

A couple of songs were picked by college rock stations In Ohio, but the Cleveland based musician could break out of the cognoscenti niche. Trespassing in Heaven is a pop song that could by covered a new boy band if he isn't careful, the rollicking Misbehave will get you a speeding ticket and the slightly proggie Time Bomb is a hipster anthem in the making.

Proof I Exist: Suburban Sci-Fi

Suburban Sci-Fi is a self-released album on his label Scatterbrainiac Records. Download it from his website.

  1. Modern Day Love Song
  2. Season of Make-Believe
  3. Ghost Rider
  4. Twentynothing
  5. Songbird
  6. Trespassing in Heaven
  7. Misbehave
  8. Remote-Controlled
  9. Time Bomb
  10. Euphoria at 4 AM
  11. Waiting for Paradise
  12. Out of Reach

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