January 19, 2012

The Library Is On Fire: Works On Paper

The Library Is On Fire make lot of noise for a trio. Their new album Works On Paper sounds like it was recorded when grunge and early indie were ruling the music world. The Brooklyn band mixes catchy hooks with feedback and nasal lead vocals - delivered with the signature "love-it-or-leave-it" NY attitude. It is a rare feat for a band to sound good even when they are out of tune (Stranded on Monster Island), channel The Modern Lovers (They Don't Know You (Like I Know You)) or The Buzzcocks (Burn It Down). They describe themselves art punk, so it makes sense that they wrote a song about the painter Basquiat.

These guys sticks to their guns, finding a chord or a riff, gritting their teeth to turn into a song. Lo-fi sure, but with a sense for melody. Tied loosely together by three featuring Hypnos, this album is a ramshackle affair that does everything right. A bum note can sound good if you decide it's all part of the experience and feel.

The Library Is On Fire:
Steve Five: guitar, vocals
Pete Sustarsic: bass
Travis Tonnstick: drums

The Library Is On Fire: Works On Paper

Works On Paper is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Release date: January 31.

  1. Hypnos Waking
  2. Basquiat
  3. Fly Sucka on The Score
  4. Burn it Down
  5. They Don't Know You (Like I Know You)
  6. Stranded on Monster Island
  7. Jewels in Yr Eyes
  8. Hypnos Waiting
  9. The Broken Guitar
  10. Stupid Summer Morning
  11. Spray Painted Life
  12. This is Why The Wind Blows
  13. Rothko
  14. Hypnos Returns

Live date:
  • 02/18 Broomies, Brooklyn, NY

Video: The Library Is On Fire - Basquiat

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