December 12, 2011

Tyler Ramsey: The Valley Wind

Multi-instrumentalist Tyler Ramsey knows how to hold to back. His sophomore album A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea landed him a job as the lead guitarist for Band of Horses, required him to turn things up a little. As a solo artist he persists in creating mainly acoustic songs. His third solo release The Valley Wind is bit more country than its predecessors. Recording took only six days Alex The Great studio in Nashvile, TN, with Band Of Horses band mate Bill Reynolds (bass and producing) an Seth Kauffman (Floating Action) on drums, guitar, background vocals.

Ramsey has a voice filled with melancholy and using echo in songs like 1000 Black Birds and Time Is A Changing Line makes him sounds a bit like the missing link between Ryan Adams and Neil Young. As an accomplished guitar picker channeling his heroes John Fahey and Leo Kottke, Ramsey has the ability to conjure up notes that are not there, The Valley Wind is an intimate, intricate album. With the lonesome The Nightbird Ramsey has written a welcome addition for the playlists of late night Americana radio shows.

Tyler Ramsey: The Valley Wind

The Valley Wind is released on Fat Possum Record.

  1. Raven Shadow
  2. The Valley Wind
  3. 1000 Black Birds
  4. The Nightbird
  5. Stay Gone
  6. Time Is A Changing Line
  7. Angel Band
  8. When It's Done
  9. All Night


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