December 09, 2011

Princess Chelsea: Lil' Golden Book

Princess Chelsea is the solo recording project of Chelsea Nikkel from Auckland, New Zealand. With the piano and assorted keyboards as her main instruments, he sings quirky pop songs, with a schoolgirl voice that softens the darker meanings of her lyrics. Her debut album Lil' Golden Book is a collection of fairy tales an true stories without Hollywood endings. Apparently she doesn't care much for alcohol (Too Fast To Live) and tobacco (The Cigarette Duet with Jonathan Bree of The Brunettes).

A grandiose song like Overseas was made for the big screen, while the treated vocals and old school keyboard of Frack have Eighties revival written all over them. Lil' Golden Book is an album with lots of ideas. Not all of them are good - Goodnight Little Robot Child is an overlong experiment that goes nowhere, trying a bit too hard to sound different.

Princess Chelsea: Lil' Golden Book

Lil' Golden Book is released on Lil' chief Records.

  1. Machines Of Loving Grace
  2. Yulia
  3. Ice Reign
  4. Monkey Eats Bananas
  5. Caution Repetitive
  6. The Cigarette Duet
  7. Too Fast To Live
  8. Overseas
  9. Frack
  10. Goodnight Little Robot Child
  11. Ice Reign Reprise

Video: Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet


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