December 15, 2011

Dave Keener: The Easy Way

NYC singer-songwriter Dave Keener is a serious guy nowadays,. After releasing a couple of of anti-folk comedy albums as Them Keener Boys with his brother brother, his new solo effort The Easy Way he turns his attention to the ultimate source of songwriting: relationships. Heartbreak is great material for a good song and this album has plenty of them.

Elvis Costello is one of his heroes, sharing a love for straightforward lyrics that run deep. Guitar in Your Hand, the first song he wrote for the album, is a three minute elevator pitch for what would grow into a subdued album, with loss, anger and frustration bubbling under the surface. Make no mistake. Keener can get mad, attacking his acoustic guitar during Now You Tell Me, but it works even better when he wraps his punches in a cheerful poppy arrangement a la They Might Be Giants, with I Dunno But and In A Dream She as the prime examples.

Dave Keener: vocals, guitar
Bass: Russ Alderson: bass
James Morris: drums
Frank Longino: Hammond Organ on Looking Back

Dave Keener: The Easy Way

The Easy Way is released on Keener Boy Records. Buy it from his website.

  1. Walkin' Around
  2. I Had an Emotion
  3. Feels Like
  4. I Dunno But
  5. Guitar in Your Hand
  6. Why'd You Have to Call It Making Love?
  7. Now You Tell Me
  8. In a Dream She
  9. Ask
  10. In a Big Way
  11. Looking Back


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