November 10, 2011

Will Galison: Line Open

Will Galison is one of the great chromatic harmonica players. His name might not a ring a bell, but it's him on Sessme Street theme song, tons of commercials, the soundtrack of Th Untouchables and a much-in-demand session musician on more albums than he cares to remember. He is also a recording artist in his own right and his most recent album is called Line Open.

Rooted in jazz, Galison's solo output is somewhere between Billy Joel, and Hall and Oates, the kind of mainstream music that sells loads in suburbia. Being a versatile multi-instrumentalist - he plays acoustic and electric guitar, percussion, handles the (backing) vocals and of course a range of harmonicas, enabled him to cut some demos before inviting other musicians to do their stuff - he used there a three different bass players, a brass section, sax players, percussionists and backing vocalists to add colour to his songs.

As a lyricist Gallison likes to use simple language to tel his stories about playground, death and love. while Line Open won't go down in musical history as a groundbreaking masterpiece, it can serve as calling card for musical prowess and craftmanship. Singers with a broader vocal range may do something more adventurous with songs like Just Because You Gotta Itch and Risky Business.

Line Open is released through Waking Up Music. Buy it from his website.

  1. Risky Business
  2. All In This Boat
  3. Line Open
  4. Time To Forget You
  5. Bobby & Sally
  6. Don't Tell Me It's Love Again
  7. Count On One Hand
  8. Just Because You Gotta Itch
  9. Things That Might Have Been
  10. If I Had A Dime
  11. Already Gone


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