November 07, 2011

Total Babes: Swimming Through Sunlight

Total Babes, a quartet from Cleveland, OH, sound like the well-worn 45s that have been gathering dust on the shelves for decades. When guitarist Chris Brown and drummer Jayson Gerycz started messing around trying to create a vibe, they fell in step creating high energy punk pop songs - joyous and loud, no nonsense music. They enlisted a rhythm section and started recording. The resulting full-length, Swimming Through Sunlight, is half an hour of soulful fuzzy mayhem that will appeal to Pixies, Teenage Fanclub, Replacements and Weezer fans.

Total Babes
Chris Brown: guitar, vocals
Jayson Gerycz: drums
Gary Spolarich: bass
Joe Boyer: guitar

Total Babes: Swimming Through Sunlight

Swimming Through Sunlight is released on Old Flame Records.

  1. Like They Always Do
  2. Be So True
  3. Rot Away
  4. Someone to Blame
  5. Don't Have to Run
  6. Give Me Nothing
  7. Le Guts
  8. How We Wanna Be
  9. Without Your Heart
  10. Tip of My Tongue


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