November 23, 2011

King Mob: "Va Vah Voom" video

Watch the new King Mob video for their second single Va Va Voom. The line-up is taken from Who Is Who of the UK punk scene. Founder Glen Matlock was the original bassist with the Sex Pistols, Chris Spedding is on guitar, and Martin Chambers was the drummer for The Pretenders. The two "unknowns" are second guitarist Sixteen and vocalist Stephen W. Parsons (The Sharks, he was in advertising and knows how to create a stir).

The quintet named themselves after a radical left-wing group that made some waves in the early Seventies. There is nothing revolutionary about their music, though. Pretty straight up blues is what this band is into. Their album Force 9 swaggers and swings in predictable ways, but there is nothing wrong with that.


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