November 21, 2011

High Highs: High Highs EP

NYC trio High Highs are releasing their self-titled EP on November 21st. Three of the four tracks were previously available as singles - the only new one is Ivy. The band's ambient folk musings may seem a bit hazy at first, but giving time unveil more depth. Jack Milas (vocals), Oli Chang (electronics) and Zachary Lipkins (drums) take their time constructing the songs, with a pulsating bass bubbling the slightly over-the-top vocals an Cure-alike guitar flourishes. Shoegaze lullabies for the hipster crowd.

High Highs: High Highs EP

The High Highs EP is released on Rcoket Music. Stream of the full EP on Soundcloud.

  1. Flowers Bloom
  2. Open Season
  3. Ivy
  4. Horses
Live date:
  • 11/24 Old Queen's Head, London, UK

Video: High Highs - Flowers Bloom


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