October 29, 2011

Various Artists: Luz de Vida

The Luz de Vida compilation album, out now on Fort Lowell Records, is a touching musical monument for the victims of the January 8th shootings in Tucson, AZ. When the calls were made to artists to contribute a song, response was huge. Since it was originally conceived as an limited edition LP (1500 copies, yellow vinyl) with room for a mere 12 tracks it was decided to create an extended download version - 36 tracks in all.

The collection is a snapshot of what is happening in the current indie of Tucson, a city that harbours all styles, with a penchant for south of the border tracks. Familiar names from the Fort Lowell Records roster obviously made the cut: Dead Western Plains, Tracey Shedd and Howe Gelb's legendary band Giant Sand, as well as bands from the Spanish speaking community - Salvador Duran, Mariachi Luz de Luna and Chango Malo. The best known international acts are Calexico, Spoon, Meat Puppets, Neko Case and DeVotchKa.

Leonard Bernstein once said: "This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before." With this compilation, all contributing artist have succeeded in doing so.

  1. Dead Western Plains - People Beat
  2. Kiss & The Tells - Tell Me Now
  3. Rainer - The Oasis
  4. Mariachi Luz de Luna - Luz a la Vida
  5. Giant Sand - Recovery Mission (Radio Edit)
  6. Chango Malo - A Change Is Gonna Come (Live)
  1. Tracy Shedd - Encourage Me
  2. La Cerca - Swim An Ocean
  3. Calexico - Absent Afternoon
  4. Lenguas Largas - Such A Thing
  5. Holy Rolling Empire - Father's Father
  6. Salvador Duran - Gabynda (Yolanda)

Please note that Chango Malo's A Change Is Gonna Come (Live) is exclusively available on vinyl.

Digital download via iTunes and Amazon.

  1. Taraf de Tucson - Vaya Con Dios
  2. Dead Western Plains - People Beat
  3. Sweet Secrets - Evidence
  4. John Vanderslice - Pale Horse
  5. Rachel Flotard & Jon Rauhouse - Hammered Light
  6. Kiss & The Tells - Tell Me Now
  7. El Depravos (feat. Chuck Prophet) - Vampire Requiem
  8. Rainer - The Oasis
  9. Reno del Mar - All For Love
  10. Robyn Hitchcock - Light Blue Afternoon
  11. Ozomatli - It's Only Time
  12. Mariachi Luz de Luna - Luz a la Vida
  13. Sunday Afternoon - Mexico
  14. Giant Sand - Recovery Mission
  15. Al Perry & Calexico - Dreaming (Live)
  16. Brian Lopez - Molly (Live)
  17. Meat Puppets - Love Our Children Forever (Live)
  18. Jimmy Eat World - Here It Goes (Live)
  2. Tracy Shedd - Encourage Me
  3. La Cerca - Swim An Ocean
  4. Spoon - Vittorio E.
  5. Seashell Radio - Lewis y Clark
  6. Calexico - Absent Afternoon
  7. Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
  8. Mark Growden - Saguaro
  9. Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta - Las Calles de Tucson
  10. DeVotchKa - The Common Good
  11. Lenguas Largas - Such A Thing
  12. Golden Boots - Regional Whales
  13. Silverbell - Why
  14. Rich Hopkins - What Am I Supposed To Do?
  15. Holy Rolling Empire - Father's Father
  16. Tom Walbank - Guitar In Dub
  17. Silver Thread Trio - Mockingbird
  18. Salvador Duran - Gabynda (Yolanda)

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