October 13, 2011

John Cale: "Extra Playful" USA CD release 11/25, limited edition with extra tracks

Extra Playful, the new John Cale EP, will be released in the States on November 25th (Black Friday). A limited special edition has two extra tracks and will only be available "in indie retailers across the country. The CD version of Extra Playful will feature two new tracks: Bluetooth Swings and The Hanging, as well as a redesigned black cover."

John Cale explains:

It's a great pleasure to know the indie market is alive and well - still kicking sand in the face of those corporate behemoths. Without the true believers of real music - our neighborhood indie music shops - so many would have simply missed out on some of the most ground-breaking music yesterday and now. Characteristic of most indie stores is they have limited stock of their hand-picked favorites which drives the buyer to other stores that would invariably have their own focus and style - now go forth and multiply!

A new full-length album will be released in the Spring of 2012.

Video: John Cale - Hey Ray
(Live @ Teatro Gil Vicente, Coimbra, Portugal - 2011/02/17)

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