September 20, 2011

Team Genius: Pop Songs

Team Genius are a poppy septet from Brooklyn. taking cues form The Replacements, Talking Heads and The Decemberists, their new EP Pop Songs is a collection of jumpy feel good songs with pretty serious lyrics.

After messing around for a couple of years, the band has finally locked into a groove. With center stage keyboards and a sprinkling of trumpet and accordion, they are a few cuts above the standard lo-fi hipster stuff.

Team Genius:
Drew Hermiller: vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica
Chris Hudik: bass, keys
Chad Hermiller: bass, keys, vocals
Scottie Dyer: drums
Erin Griffith: keys
Emma Kostura: vocals, guitar, mandolin
Rebekah Schwartz: trumpet, accordion

Team Genius: Pop Songs

Pop Songs is a self-released EP. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Making Myths
  2. Ronald Reagan's Cousin
  3. Home
  4. Love and Love Songs

Video: Team Genius - Ronald Reagan's Cousin


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