September 06, 2011

Moon Prototype: From My Belly

Moon Prototype, an experimental electronic band from Paris, have been creating sounds and beats since 1998. Their latest effort is an EP entitled From My Belly. Sparse and slightly sinister the tracks sneak up in you a slow fog rolling in from the sea.

With treated vocals and start-and-stop keyboards bits the band's explores the backwaters of ambient and triphop. Sounding like Air who have gone over to the dark side, Moon Prototype will find their way to dance fans who can handle a bit of avantgarde coming out of the speakers at an invite-only afterparty.

From My Belly is released on White Leaves Music. Download it for free from

  1. Faith in the Trash
  2. Femme Fatale
  3. Hope in Monochrome
  4. Nocturnal Wanderings
  5. Typical Day


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