September 01, 2011

Little Tybee: Humorous To Bees

Five musicians creating orchestral left-field indie folk that sounds truly fresh. Atlanta band Little Tybee stand out through the high-pitched vocals of main songwriter Brock Scott and the subtle chords of John Martin's 8-string guitar.

Their sophomore release Humorous To Bees is an album that will be welcomed by fans of The Low Anthem and Fleet Foxes. The songs will need some time to sink in. Delicately structured as the insect that inspired the album's title the band, the music buzzes with a gentle hum. Imagine Anthony and The Johnsons for the folk niche without the artsy-fartsy hoopla. A pastoral collection of songs that will grow on the listener.

Little Tybee:
Brock Scott: vocals, guitar, piano
Josh Martin: 8-string guitar
Nirvana Kelly: violin
Ryan Donald: bass
Pat Brooks: percussion

Little Tybee: Humorous To Bees

Humorous To Bees is released on Paper Garden Records.

  1. Humorous To Bees
  2. Strong Ears
  3. Design
  4. Passion Seekers
  5. Signal Below
  6. Nero
  7. Revolutionary
  8. Sympathetic Eye
  9. History
  10. The Wind Will Blow You Love
  11. In Range
  12. Holding Stones

(Little Tybee by Paper Garden Records)

Video: Little Tybee - Mind Grenade
(Live session @ Laundromatinee)


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