September 19, 2011

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa: Don't Explain

Albums filled with covers are mostly approached with apprehension. Is it a stop gap release to plug in the release schedule of the record company or something worthwhile and not just a footnote in the artist's discography? Don't Explain is a record by singer Beth Hart and blues guitar maestro Joe Bonamassa, two musicians who first could be heard together when Hart sang on No Love On The Street on Bonammasa's album Dust Bowl.

Don't Explain has a smokey night club feel. Bonamassa hold back most of the time, playing softly, except during the Bill Withers cover For My Friend, and Hart digs deep to tackle soulful orchestrated renderings of I'll Take Care Of You, I'd Rather Go Blind and Your Heart Is As Black As Night. Produced by Kevin Shirley, the album was recorded live in the studio over the course of four days. That's all the time you need if you want to preserve the joy of two musicians who are joint at the hip by a shared love of the classics.

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa: Don't Explain

Don't Explain is released on Provogue Records. Release date: September 27 (September 26 in the UK).

  1. Sinner's Prayer
  2. Chocolate Jesus
  3. Your Heart Is As Black As Night
  4. For My Friends
  5. Don't Explain
  6. I'd Rather Go Blind
  7. Something's Got A Hold On Me
  8. I'll Take Care Of You
  9. Well, Well
  10. Ain't No Way
  11. Bonus track: I'll Take Care Of You (Radio Edit)


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