September 02, 2011

Baby Scream: Secret Place + Hit And Run

Juan Pablo Mazzola, the driving force between Baby Scream, got his hands on 80 hours of free studio time at Estudio Urbano after been picked as the winner of a proposal contest by Opción Música, part of to the City Government of Buenos Aires.

All songs on Secret Place were written and recorded within two weeks and once again shows his love for melodic Seventies soft rock and power pop. He is a melancholic story teller, singing about childhood (Bad Seed) nightmares Eating My Face and his favorite city (London Sun). Given the limited time span to deliver the goods, there was a fair change that the result would have come off sounding rushed and unfinished. Mazzola, a seasoned recording artist, was apparently totally at ease throughout and came up with ten concise pop songs. The reggae styled Cold Weather Reggae is the sole filler track - it would have been a better idea to use the progressive guitar solo as the basis track for that one.

Baby Scream: Hit And Run

The album's first single Hit and Run comes with non-album track B-side 20th Century Baby, a Marc Colan demo. Mazzola has an excellent taste in picking covers. His 2007 EP Mothers had Big Star's Blue Moon as a hidden track.

Baby Scream:
Juan Pablo Mazzola: vocals, guitar
Raúl Marcos: bass
Hernán Pascual: lead guitar
Claudio Salas: drums

Baby Scream: Secret Place

Secret Place and the Hit and Run b/w 20th Century Baby single are released on Eternal Sunday Records.

  1. The Last Call
  2. Hit And Run
  3. Secret Place
  4. Going North
  5. Cold Weather Reggae
  6. Bad Seed
  7. Patiently
  8. London Sun
  9. The Atmosphere
  10. Eating My Face


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