August 11, 2011

Piñataland: Hymns for the Dreadful Night

Modern day orchestral Americana with a Celtic twist. Brooklyn band Piñataland is th brain child of songwriters Doug Stone and David Wechsler. For their new labum they perused tragic true stories of historical figures, resulting in a concept album of sorts about death, the Manhattan Project (Oppie Struck a Match), godlessness, forgotten heroes (like Silas Deane who raised money for the American Revolution) and a surprise cover of Laurie Anderson's Hiawatha that is turned into slow country tinged ballad.

Listeners who aren't familiar with the darker niches of American history needn't worry that the subject matter will be over their head. The lyrics are concise and to the point. Stone and Wechsler are superb wordsmiths and the music is mostly joyous with just a hint of danger lurking underneath, more often than with a jubilant violin riding on top. Even when the band digs deep into the depths of minor keys, there is always plenty of room for the instruments to breathe. Best enjoyed with a decent glass of whiskey.

Robin Aigner: vocals
Bill Gerstel: drums
Doug Stone: vocals
David Wechsler: vocals, piano, accordion
Ross Bonadonna: (pump )organ, bass, guitar, bass clarinet, baritone sax
Deni Bonet: violins
Gerald Menke: pedal steel guitar, Dobro
Dave Hofstra: tuba
Dan Nosheny: tuba on "Hiawatha"

Piñataland: Hymns for the Dreadful Night

Hymns for the Dreadful Night is released on Mekkatone Records Get it thru

  1. The Dreadful Night
  2. Island of Godless Men
  3. An American Man
  4. The Death of Silas Deane
  5. Oppie Struck a Match
  6. Hungry Angel
  7. The Oldest Band in Town
  8. Hiawatha
  9. Border Guard
  10. Cemetery Mink

Live date:
  • 08/26 Barbès, Brooklyn, NY


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