August 14, 2011

Jeff Bridges: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges
photo: Dustin Cohen

Jeff Bridges is a great actor who dabbles in acoustic Americana. Recording his self-titled album came to pass after his Award winning performance in Crazy Heart. His portrayal of a country singer fallen on hard times struck chord with the members of the Academy and he signed a recording deal with Blue Note - no doubt some execs were under the impression that the onscreen persona would develop into a real life star of some sorts .

Make no mistake - it's not a bad album, but changes are small that you will listen to it more than once. He is sounds like a busker who can hold a tune and his songs well during a noisy BBQ. No problem if they are a chatty bunch, because you won't miss much. Nevermind the A-list of people helping him out - the tracks never get off the ground to fly on their own. T Bone Burnett was the producer. Keefus Ciancia (keyboards), Mark Ribot (guitar),Dennis Crouch (bass), Russ Pahl (pedal-steel) and Jay Bellerose (drums) back him up. Guest vocals were supplied by Rosanne Cash, Ryan Bingham, Sam Phillips, and Benji Hughes.

Jeff Bridges: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is released on Blue Note.

  1. What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do
  2. Falling Short
  3. Everything But Love
  4. Tumbling Vine
  5. Nothing Yet
  6. Blue Car
  7. Maybe I Missed The Point
  8. Slow Boat
  9. Either Way
  10. The Quest


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