August 30, 2011

Family of the Year: St. Croix

Family of the Year:
photo: Elizabeth Weinberg

Family of the Year are in the midst of recording a full-length. Their new EP St. Croix was produced by Wally Gagel, the man behind the sounds of Eels (and Norah Jones, but let's not go there). Building on the folk roots the tracks on the EP were given a West Coast pop treatment - jangling guitars and layered vocals.

The Welsh connection through band members of Joseph and Sebastian Keefe might explain the rougher edges a la The Manic Street Preachers that occur in a song like Living on Love. Chugjug is a catchy, innocent ditty that has made them a bit of money already, as the soundtrack of Advil, Kohl's and Tesco. As for the remix of the title track, calling it superfluous would be a compliment.

Family of the Year: St. Croix

St. Croix is released on tinyOGRE. Release date: September 27th

  1. St. Croix
  2. Living on Love
  3. 6 AM
  4. Chugjug
  5. St. Croix (Hooray For Earth Mix)


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