August 26, 2011

Don Airey: All Out

Don Airey
Live @ De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands - 2009/01/22 - photo: HCTF

Keyboard player Don Airey has come back to Earth for his new solo record all Out. Most of the 2008 predecessor All Light In the Sky was about outerspace and science fiction, but now his songs deal with love, relationships and ending the album with the epic Tobruk, a ten minute plus tribute to the allied forces at the 1942 battle during the second World War (his family was there).

Airey is a member of Deep Purple, whose road schedule keeps him awfully busy throughout the year. Still, he insisted of recording his album with all players present in the studio (he made an exception for Joe Bonamassa who added his solo for People In Your Head after he was send the track). By gathering the players in a single room, the tracks come very much alive - it always helps if you can actually see what the other is doing. All Out is a good title for an album that celebrates the roar of his Hammond organ, a monster that he is still trying to tame. Instrumentals like B'os and Right Arm Overture will frustrate generations of budding keyboard players. Deceptively simple to begin with, they evolve into text book exercises.

Singer Carl Sentance adds his Seventies hard rock inspired vocals to the mix and those work well, but he sounds a bit cheesy and over the top when the band launches into Hendrix' Fire. Once again Rob Harris shows his fluid chops as Airey's main man for the guitar parts. Having a bunch of guest players, including his brother Keith, to perform six string duties wasn't really necessary, but it adds to the musical family atmosphere of All Out.

Don Airey: keyboards
Carl Sentance: vocals
Darrin Mooney: drums
Lawrence Cottle: bass
Rob Harris: guitar
Special guest guitarists: Joe Bonamassa, Bernie Marsden, Keith Airey

Don Airey: All Out

All Out is released on Music Theory Recordings.

  1. The Way I Feel Inside
  2. Estancia
  3. People In Your Head
  4. B’cos
  5. Running From The Shadows
  6. Right Arm Overture
  7. Fire
  8. Long Road
  9. Wrath Of Thor
  10. Tobruk


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