June 23, 2011

Phish: "The White Tape" and "Party Time" on vinyl at Super Ball IX

Phish: Super Ball IX

Two new Phish vinyl releases will be on sale at the JEMP Record Store at Super Ball IX, the Phish music Fest at Watkins Glen International (July-1-3), NY:

In addition (and the part we're most excited for), the JEMP Records Store will also feature exclusive, brand new Phish vinyl releases each day of the festival. This will include first time releases of "The White Tape" (180g white vinyl), "Party Time" (2-LP 180g vinyl) and a very limited number of "Two Soundchecks" on 7" vinyl which was previously released in April for Record Store Day. Release times/dates for each individual vinyl release will be announced in the program guide when you arrive on site. We'll be offering a program in which you can pick up your purchases on Sunday, to avoid leaving your wax in the hot sun or the trunk of your car.

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