June 02, 2011

Manorlady: Home

Aaron Bailey, Melissa Bailey and Donald Wooley are Manorlady, a shoegaze post rock trio from Charlottesville, VA. Windswept tumbling guitar licks abound on their full-length Home, riding on top of old school drum machines while bass player Melissa tries hard to channel Kim Deal. It's one of those rare albums that sounds loud even when played at a low volume.

The Great Wide Open is obviously a big influence. Manorlady has managed to great a big sound on a low budget. Dreamy soundscapes tailor made for late night radio while driving on a deserted highway.

Aaron Bailey: guitars, vocals, sequencing
Melissa Bailey: bass, vocals
Donald Wooley: keyboards

Manorlady: Home

Home is on Part Keeler Recordings. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Our Perfect Home
  2. Boy and Flippers
  3. International Boys Club
  4. Trees
  5. Delta Waves
  6. Waltz for Couples
  7. Red Juice
  8. Jimmy
  9. Vacation Plans High Desert
  10. Lost Dogs
  11. Sungazing
Live dates:
  • 06/22 Magnolia, Charlottesville, VA (w/ Ambulants & Shadowraptr)
  • 06/24 Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
  • 06/25 Pterodactyl Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (w/ The New Heaven and The New Earth)
  • 06/26 Mudhouse Crozet, VA (w/ The Situationist)
  • 07/01 Elliot's Revue, Winston-Salem, NC (w/ Love Craft)
  • 07/03 Soapbox, Wilmington, NC
  • 07/07 The Happy Dog, Cleveland, OH
  • 07/08 Bar East, Manhattan, NY

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