August 28, 2011

Grifter: Grifter

As a power trio UK band Grifter have been making lots of noise since 2003. After a handful of high energy EPs their self-titled full-length showcases more sides of the depth of their sound - they even play slow blues songs. All members are huge fans of Seventies rock, while they lyrics deal with stupid guys, beer and women (not necessarily in that order).

Grifter is the kind of band you hope to catch playing on the cramped stage of a pub in the rougher neighbourhood. With a tightfisted sound that is clear and powerful songs like Asshole Parade and Strip Club the clientele will welcome them well deserved cheers (and lots of free Guinness).

Ollie Stygall: guitars, vocals
Phil Harris: bass
Foz: drums

Grifter: Grifter

Grifter is released on Ripple Music. Release date: October 4th.

  1. Good Day For Bad News
  2. Alabama Hotpocket
  3. Asshole Parade
  4. Strip Club
  5. Young Blood, Old Veins
  6. Bucktooth Woman
  7. Preacher and the Devil
  8. Bean
  9. Piss and Gas
  10. Unwelcome Guest
  11. Gone Blues

UK live dates:
  • 09/29 The Rose, London
  • 09/30 The Purple Turtle, London
  • 10/07 The Junction Underground, Plymouth
  • 12/02 The Unicorn, London-Camden Town


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