June 23, 2011

Chicago Blues: A Living History The (R)evolution Continues

With a core band consisting of Billy Boy Arnold, John Primer, Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell and Carlos Johnson, the second installment of the Chicago Blues: A Living History series is journey through time. The (R)evolution Continues is a 2CD set with new interpretations of blues songs recorded between 1942 and 1998.

Chicago Blues: A Living History The (R)evolution Continues

This compilation is a labor of love with extensive liner notes - all harp player during Rocket 88 are listed, detailing which bars they actually play.

Guest players are Buddy Guy, James Cotton and Magic Slim as well as Ronnie Baker Brooks, Zora Young and Mike Avery. It's nearly impossible to make a bad record with these people on board. Pop it in player and discover that the blues is very much alive and well in the Windy City. Good music is timeless and the sheer joy of the musicians comes tumbling out of the speakers. A lot of these songs may deal with good men feeling bad, but if doesn't cheer you up you need some serious counseling. With a treasure chest of great Chicago blues tunes, old and new, the Living History series can continue for many more years.

Disc 1:
  1. He's a Jelly Roll Baker (Lonnie Johnson, 1942)
  2. I'll Be Up Again Someday (Hudson Whittaker, 1946)1)
  3. She Don't Love Me That Way (John Lee Williamson, 1941)
  4. Canary Bird (McKinley Morganfield, 1949)
  5. Chicago Bound (Jimmy Rogers, 1954)
  6. Stockyard Blues (Floyd Jones, 1947)
  7. Diamonds At Your Feet (McKinley Morganfield, 1956)
  8. Rocket 88 (Jackie Brenston, 1951)
  9. Reelin' and Rockin' (Chuck Berry, 1958)
  10. Medley Mellow Down Easy/Bo Diddley (Ellas McDaniel/Willie Dixon, 1954/1955)
Disc 2:
  1. First Time I Met The Blues (E. Montgomery, 1960)
  2. Keep A-Drivin' (Chuck Willis, 1958)
  3. Easy Baby (Samuel Maghett, 1958)
  4. Howlin' For My Baby (Chester Burnett, 1962)
  5. My Daily Wish (Robert Lockwood, Jr., 1960)
  6. Yonder Wall (Elmore James, 1965)
  7. Be Careful How You Vote (Albert Luandrew, 1980)
  8. Somebody Loan Me A Dime (Fenton Robinson, 1967)
  9. Got to Leave Chi-Town (Lurrie Bell, 1984)
  10. Don't Take Advantage of Me (Lonnie Brooks, 1983)
  11. Ain't Enough Comin' In (Otis Rush, 1994)
  12. Make These Blues Survive (Ronnie Baker Brooks, 1998
  13. Bonus track: The Blues Had a Baby (and They Named it Rock and Roll) (McKinley Morganfield, 1977)

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