May 26, 2011

The Bridge calls it quits: final show on Thanksgiving in Baltimore

The Bridge will call it quits on Thanksgiving. After ten years on the road, the economy came up on top. The roots rock quintet from Baltimore, MD, will play their last ever show on November 24 at Rams Head Live.

This next Thanksgiving will mark the 10-year anniversary of The Bridge. It has been an amazing ride that we have shared with you all. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we announce that this year will mark the end of The Bridge. After ten years and thousands of miles, the harsh realities of life on the road have led us to a point where we can no longer sustain ourselves as a band. We fought on to continue for as long as we could, because we truly believed in our music and cherished the deeply special connection that we have built with our audiences throughout the years. But at the end of the day, the economy won, and we are forced to close up shop.

What started as a show for our friends on one Thanksgiving Eve has led us on a wild, beautiful journey beyond our expectations. The long van rides, smoky bars, sleepless nights, wicked hangovers, cheap motels, and flat tires were all worth it for the chance to play music for you all and create those special moments that we live for. It has been the most rewarding experience of our lives. In true Bridge fashion, we will be giving you everything we have left for the rest of our shows. We will be playing our final residency at 8x10, the house that built The Bridge, in the coming weeks, as well as our beloved All Good Festival, our favorite day of the year for the last 7 years. And as if it was meant to be, we will be closing out our run as a band on our 10-year anniversary, Thanksgiving Eve, at Rams Head Live. We plan on cherishing every last moment we have with you as The Bridge.

As chapters end and new ones begin, we will continue to pursue other musical endeavors, and hope to keep the spirit of this community alive. We are forever grateful to you all, the people who we have gotten to know so well through the years, as well as those who have worked so hard and given so much of themselves for the band. And lastly we want to thank each other, the members of the band both past and present, for sweating out the tough times and celebrating the high times together to try and live the dream. We are truly brothers for life. As sad as we feel that this experience is ending, we have no regrets. We feel we have achieved what we set out to do, which is to make people happy through our music. We humbly thank you, from the absolute bottom of our hearts, for your love, support, and inspiration that has given us this opportunity. It has been an honor and a privilege.


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