May 27, 2011

Red Light Driver: Celeste Celeste

Indianapolis quartet Red Light Diver plays dark, slow rock songs. Wit a penchant of UK doom pop, their new EP Celeste Celeste overflows with echo on shoestring sound effects that may remind you of late night Sci-fi series.

They ride the wave of neo-psychedelica, with drawn out vocals and plenty of sliding up-and down the fret boards. Drummer Drew Reed is rather loud and smack in the middle of the mix with a rock solid beat as a safe haven for the twin guitar front line provided by Derek Osgood and Jonathan Harmon.

There are only four "real" songs on the EP and two "interludes". Enchanting serves as a coda for Celeste Celeste, the poppy title track, and Interlude sounds a lot like a warm up for launching into a full grown song, but for reason just fades out. The band safes the best for last: the haunting Canterbury Tea, with a memorable bass part by Mike Contreras.

Red Light Driver:
Derek Osgood: vocals, guitar
Drew Reed: drums
Jonathan Harmon: guitar
Mike Contreras: vocals, bass

Red Light Driver: Celeste Celeste

Celeste Celeste is a self-released EP. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Celeste Celeste
  2. Enchanting
  3. The Away Anthem
  4. Interlude
  5. Diamond Rough
  6. Canterbury Tea


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