May 12, 2011

Phish: videos and MP3 from "Live In Utica 2010"

Phish is sharing two videos and a lengthy MP3 from the forthcoming Phish Live In Utica 2010 2-DVD/2-CD Box Set. Release date: May 17.

The Utica box set features the complete October 20, 2010 performance on 2-DVDs and 2-CDs. The nearly three hours of music on the Utica box set was recorded with 64 channels of digital multi-track and mixed and mastered, appearing on the DVD's in 5.1 Dolby surround and full-resolution, uncompressed PCM stereo. The video was shot with 8 cameras (16:9 widescreen), recorded and post-edited in High Definition. Regions 1-6.

MP3: Phish - Split Open and Melt > Have Mercy > Piper > Split Open and Melt > Slave To The Traffic Light
Video: Phish - Wolfman's Brother
Video: Saw It Again > Run Like An Antelope

Pre-order Live In Utica from Phish Dry Goods.


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