May 07, 2011

John Cale: interview in The Guardian

John Cale (c) Abbie Trayler-Smith
photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith

John Cale on music and family values in UK newspaper The Guardian:

Music and the Welsh Youth Orchestra made me want to get away from home and do something. I was pretty rebellious. There was a certain point when I got too smart for my boots and I didn't want to put up with this any more, and it happened to be about the time that rock'n'roll surfaced, and from there on out it was fun and games. Music became a very enticing language for me because I could communicate with people without having to say anything in English or Welsh.

On his work ethic:

I got my work ethic from both my parents. My father worked constantly. He was 73 when he died – I was in New York and missed it. It wasn't something I was pleased about.


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