April 21, 2011

Rufus Wainwright: "House Of Rufus" box set 07/18

A big Rufus Wainwright box set, containing most of his output, drops July 18th on Universal. House of Rufus contains 19 discs: 13 CDs and 6 DVDs:

House Of Rufus

The CD's: studio: ‘Rufus Wainwright’, ‘Poses’, ‘Want One’, ‘Want Two’, ‘Release The Stars’ and ‘All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu’; live: ‘Milwaukee at Last!!!’ and ‘Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall’ (two CDs); and four CDs with odds and ends: ‘Rufus Rarities’, ‘Rufus at the Movies’, ‘Friends & Family’ and ‘Original Demos’.

The DVDs: ‘Live at Fillmore’, ‘Rufus Does Judy at the London Palladium’, ‘Milwaukee at Last!!!’, ‘Release The Stars’ album commentary and live performance and two feature-length documentaries, ‘All I Want’ and ‘Prima Donna: The Making of An Opera’.

Wainwright plays five nights at the Royal Opera House, London:

  • 07/18 Rufus Does Judy! orchestra conducted by Stephen Oremus
  • 07/19 An Evening with Rufus and Martha Wainwright + band
  • 07/21 An Evening with Rufus and Loudon Wainwright + band
  • 07/22 Rufus Does Judy!
  • 07/23 Concert Version of Prima Donna with Janis Kelly, plus Rufus Does Rufus with orchestra

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