April 21, 2011

Mother Mother: Eureka

Vancouver band Mother Mother made a memorable album in 2008. The quintet took their time to come up with a follow-up, Eureka hits the ground running with Chasing It Down and The Stand two smart pop songs in a row, but looses steam after that. Things pick up a bit during Born In A Flash, a powerpop track that comes close to an anthem, with the band's signature backing vocals, angelic and tongue-in-cheek, and a perfect match for lead singer's Ryan Guldemond aloof delivery.

Eureka is an album about a band trying to find the magic, that was omnipresent during the O My Heart sessions. Taking a bow for Nirvana's Lithium during Oleander is a nice touch, but somehow it all flees that have messed about wit the songs a bit too long, without committing themselves to a sound that is truly their own.

Mother Mother:
Ryan Guldemond: guitar, vocals
Molly Guldemond: vocals
Debra-Jean Creelman: vocals
Kenton Loewen: drums
Jeremy Page: bass

Mother Mother: Eureka

Eureka is released on Last Gang Records.

  1. Chasing It Down
  2. The Stand
  3. Baby Don`t Dance
  4. Original Spin
  5. Born In A Flash
  6. Simply Simple
  7. Problems
  8. Aspiring Fires
  9. Getaway
  10. Far In Time
  11. Oleander
  12. Calm Me Down

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