March 28, 2011

Stone Axe: test pressing auction for Japan Relief

Heavy rock band Stone Axe is auctioning a rare test pressing of their Stone Axe 1 LP. The proceeds will be donated to Hand On Tokyo:

Starting Monday, March 28th, and running for 7 days only, Ripple Music and Stone Axe will auction off the only available test pressing of Ripple Music's release; Stone Axe I Collector's Edition LP.  Proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Hands On Tokyo, a charitable relief effort to aid Japan after their recent disasters.

Only 5 of these test pressings exist, and this is the only one ever to be made available to the public.  You can jump into the auction, win a cool Stone Axe collectible and benefit disaster relief at the Ripple Music Ebay Store.


HCTF review of Stone Axe - 2 Disc Expanded Edition.

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