March 01, 2011

Sandi Thom: Merchants and Thieves (Deluxe Edition)

Sandi Thom
photo: Ami Barwell

Sandi Thom has the blues, with a dressing of country. Her much hyped debut album Smile... It Confuses People was a big hit, never mind that it sucked beyond belief. She has grown up since then and her latest album Merchants and Thieves is re-released with two extra tracks: The House Of The Rising Sun and If Heartaches Were Nickels.

Joe Bonamassa adds his signature tone and hoarse vocals to a couple of tracks, and shows his prowess on acoustic guitar, especially during the Fleetwood Mac classic (I) Need Your Love So Bad. If Heartaches Were Nickels is an ambitious choice for a cover, but Thom is overdoing with the vocals. Composer Warren Haynes plays this with restraint, but she lets the technique overpower the vibe of the song. As for the inclusion of House Of The Rising Sun, that is a song that has been hanged and quartered by every tone deaf street busker on the planet.

Thom started a the top with the marketing power of a major record label pushing her songs down the throat of the general public. When that gimmick didn't work out in the long run, they dropped like a like a hot potato. Musically it has been a good thing. With a tight budget she had to get rid of most of the fluff and securing a guest player like Joe Bonamassa is no mean feat. Rollicking opener Maggie McCall, the lazy beat of The Sadness and the harp drenched Gothic blues double hitter Belly Of The Blues and This Ol' World pack a the punch that is associated with the genre. All she now needs is a reliable independent coach who tells here to let rip and turn it up for an entire album.

Sandi Thom: Merchants and Thieves (Deluxe Edition)

Merchants and Thieves is released on her own label Guardian Angels. Digital via iTunes.

  1. Maggie McCall
  2. Runaway Train
  3. Gold Dust
  4. Let It Stay
  5. Merchants And Thieves
  6. Show No Concern
  7. This Ol’ World (ft. Joe Bonamassa)
  8. The Sadness
  9. Heart Of Stone
  10. Ghost Town
  11. Belly Of The Blues
  12. This Ol' World (ft. Joe Bonamassa)
  13. I Need Your Love So Bad (ft. Joe Bonamassa)
  14. House Of The Rising Sun
  15. If Heartaches Were Nickels
  16. Gold Dust video (digital only)>

Live dates:
  • 03/15 Beauvais, France @ Blues Autour du Zinc Festival
  • 03/18 East Grinstead, UK @ Chequer Mead Theatre
  • 03/20 Cardiff, UK @ The Coal Exchange
  • 03/25 Isle Of Man, UK @ Villa Marina
  • 03/26 Holmforth, UK @ Picturedrome
  • 03/27 Bilston, UK @ Robin2
  • 03/30 Milton Keynes, UK @ The Stables
  • 03/31 Southampton, UK @ The Brook
  • 04/01 Blakeney, UK @ Harbour Room
  • 04/03 Braintree, UK @ High Barn
  • 04/04 Oxford, UK @ O2 Academy 2
  • 04/05 Bridport, UK @ Electric Palace
  • 04/06 Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
  • 04/07 Pontipridd, UK @ Muni
  • 04/09 Shrewsbury, UK @ Theatre Severn
  • 04/10 Nottingham, UK @ The Playhouse
  • 04/13 Cambridge, UK @ ADC Theatre
  • 04/16 Duisburg, Germany @ Steinbruch
  • 04/18 Bonn, DE @ Harmonie
  • 04/19 Aschaffenburg, DE @ Colos-Saal
  • 04/20 Hamburg, DE @ Downtown Bluesclub
  • 04/21 Dunfermline, UK @ Carnegie Hall
  • 04/22 Aberdeen, UK @ The Le04/Tree
  • 04/23 Kinross, UK @ The Green Hotel
  • 04/24 Blackburn, UK @ Thwaites Empire Theatre
  • 04/27 Exeter, UK @ Timepiece Nightclub
  • 04/28 Leamington, UK @ The Assembly
  • 04/29 York, UK @ The Duchess
  • 04/30 Runcorn, UK @ The Brindley
  • 05/02 Templeborough, UK @ Yorkshire Blues Festival, Magna Science Centre
  • 06/01 London, UK @ Jazz Cafe Festival
  • 06/23 Glastonbury, UK @ Bourbon Street Blues
  • 07/23 Ealing, UK @ Ealing Blues Festival
  • 07/30 Maryport, UK @ Maryport Blues Festival
  • 08/27 Bedfordshire, UK @ Rhythm Festival


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